Hello and Welcome to Believe and Empower!

The purpose of this blog is to help you take courageous willful action toward realizing your personal potential.

Without a strong belief in our own skills and capabilities, we can become trapped by the noise around us and this can cause us to lose sight of what we’ve once aspired to be and do. Every time we delay taking action, we sink deeper and deeper into a passive state of being. We stop taking charge of our lives and we settle for what’s convenient.

But we need not accept this for ourselves.

Every one of us has the unique ability to add value to this world. We are able to create it, appreciate it and harmonize with it. In this sense, we are not mere living beings. We are a force of life.

Realizing that we have untapped resources within us, this website will be your companion in your self-growth journey.  It will help you get in touch with your authentic self and grow into the happy fulfilled person you deserve to be.

In particular, I share with you my story of how I was able to transform several areas of my life.

This, of course, wasn’t one easy journey toward the finish line, but rather a complex, sometimes contradicting, but ultimately deeply gratifying experience. In the articles on this blog, I will share with you the philosophical and psychological insights that I’ve learned, tweaked and developed over the years – both as a former academic and a practitioner of these ideas – and I want to help you see that in spite of the challenges and setbacks you’ve experienced, you have a drive in you that is profoundly greater than what you’re leading yourself to believe.

Growth is the only evidence of life. – John Henry Newman


This blog will help you in the following ways:

  • Overcome negative thinking and limiting beliefs by showing you their patterns
  • Build your courage and self-confidence by using particular exercises and examples
  • Motivate you to persist despite the presence of dis-empowering emotions
  • Help you pursue potential relationships and overcome shyness and anxiety by being your best self
  • Show you how to beat procrastination and take massive action toward your goals
  • Help you understand the potential streams of income through which you can grow your earnings
  • Help you launch your first small online business by showing you the exact steps to do so
  • Help you with your fitness goals whether it’s losing fat, gaining muscle, or managing your appetite
  • Help you become spiritually centered and aligned with your core values and attract people who respect and share your beliefs.
  • And help you let go of past mistakes and failures and focus on learning and growing

Please see this blog as a place where we can help each other grow; as an open, non-judgmental space that encourages people to share their strategies, learn from their mistakes, achieve their goals and find the courage to become their best selves.

Welcome to the Believe and Empower community and please don’t hesitate to help us grow intellectually, financially and spiritually. I look forward to seeing you on the blog sometime!

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