You’re tired of not seeing the results you want.

You’re putting in a lot of hours, but so far…nil. Your business is not going well. You don’t feel motivated to exercise, and in your personal life, you haven’t met a new person or made a new friend in a while.

And now you want do something that’s “comfortable,” something that doesn’t require close attention and consistency.

But hold on. That’s not a solution.

It’s an escape.

And in choosing to escape, you also choose to reinforce the false belief that “you don’t have what it takes to make it.”

Let me tell you something. You do have what it takes. You just sometimes forget…and a lot of us do. We all do too many things, we all get distracted, and we all have to attend to urgent matters, and in the process we forget. Forgetfulness occurs when the goal you’re focusing on is no longer at the forefront of your consciousness. The noise around you is just too much and you’ve essentially forgotten that you’re blessed with the potential to be and do whatever you desire.

Accordingly, you need to remind yourself that it’s possible. You need to tell yourself that you can do it. And for that, you need to encourage yourself daily. You need to practice “self-encouragement.”

1. Progress is a Process

People fail at a lot of things in life…and that’s completely okay.

But most people don’t fail because things didn’t work out. They fail because they quit too soon.

And people quit early on because they have the tendency to judge their progress too soon. We all want immediate results. We want immediate gratification and we want to materialize the vision we have of ourselves as quickly as possible. But it doesn’t work that way. Creating and delivering good value takes time. Recognize that progress is a process. You’re going to make mistakes and learn from them. And if you accept that fact, and you’re a reasonably intelligent person, then you will get to your goal when you discover the right formula. So don’t put yourself down if you don’t see the results you want right away.

2. Talk to Yourself

If things are going slow for you and you’re beginning to feel a little down, then talk to yourself. It will heal you.

Be empathetic and understand that it’s okay to experience roadblocks along the way. It’s normal not to get it right each and every time. It’s totally fine to not want to work on certain days. We all need a break. And by all means, take a break. Take some time off.

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be the hated voice in your head. Don’t be a dictator. On the contrary, encourage yourself and embrace your mistakes and failures.

I always tell myself these four key sentences whenever I am feeling down. They pick me and allow to refocus myself:

  1. I am not supposed to get it right from the first try.
  2. I am not supposed to get it right quickly.
  3. I need to make mistakes before I can get good at what I do.
  4. All my heroes failed terribly before they became successful. It’s okay to fail and learn and get back up.

Give this try. And work on developing the habit of encouraging yourself. You are your own best friend, so take care of that friendship.