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How to Read Faster

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Anne Jones, the six-time world speed reading champion, who reads at an average of 4700 words per minute (that’s about19 times the speed of the average reader who reads 250 – 300 words per minute) has just finished reading Go Set a Watchman in just 25 minutes and 31 seconds. That’s her fastest record as of yet. On a prior occasion, Jones read Dan Brown’s Inferno in 41 minutes, and on another occasion, she read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in just 47 minutes. These astonishing speeds have led many to speculate that Jones was born with a special…

The Ultimate Time Management Tool

time management tool

“You can always get more money, but you can never get more time.” – Jim Rohn. The benefits of an effective time-management system are numerous. It allows you to optimally allocate your time and to strategically tackle your tasks to completion. Moreover, if you’re a goal oriented individual and have dreams you would like to see realized, then time is your most valuable asset. Time, however, is a variable you can’t control. It will pass anyway. But what you can control is what you do with it. In making a documentary about Warren Buffet, a journalist asked to meet with…