My Story

“Every man [and woman] I meet is my superior in that I may learn from him [and her]”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson.


I’m Elias and I am the founder of Believe and Empower.

MeIn 2009, I embarked on a path in education and worked my way up into my doctorate. Matriculating in one of the most intensely competitive graduate programs in the nation; with less than 10% acceptance rate, and tackling an average reading load of 8 – 10 hours a day, I encountered the many challenges that we all experience on our way to achieving mastery. These include various forms of self-sabotage, procrastination, negative thinking, loss of purpose, feelings of powerlessness and even failure.

I looked for help in virtually every field of thought; reading and studying books from clinical psychotherapy, analytic philosophy and even pop psychology. I consistently listened to self-help audio programs, motivating speeches, and I attended personal development seminars. I also spent a lot of time observing and studying the way professionals kept themselves in top mental and physical condition. I observed marathon runners, artists, weightlifters, and I studied the habits of top entrepreneurs, philosophers and novelists.

Equipped with this vast pool of resources, I pursued my goals with a focused plan of action and within five years I was able to:

  • Earn two masters degrees; one in Philosophy (a degree from one of the most competitive Philosophy programs in the nation consistently ranking in the top three in the world), and a second degree in Intellectual History.
  • I got accepted into a PhD program in the same fields and I was well into my 3rd year of my doctoral journey when I received an offer to serve as the Director of an undergraduate program at another College.
  • I audited courses frequently — for no credit — and I also participated in weekly reading groups.
  • I practiced public speaking at two Toastmasters clubs; one of them is a TV Toastmasters and the second is an Eye-openers Toastmasters. At Eye-openers, we started our meetings at 6:15 am. Yes that early!
  • I did improv comedy once a week and absolutely loved it.
  • I managed to operate a small consulting business on the side.
  • I worked out 4 – 5 times a week losing fat and building muscle.

You might think that that’s a lot, and it is, but I learned exactly how to direct my energy toward my goals and achieve them.

And in this blog, I hope to help you do the same.

But despite this success and shortly before writing my PhD dissertation, I recognized a deep desire in me to do something different.

I knew I had a gift to impact people — I have the capacity to move them to actively direct their lives and achieve their goals. I also realized that the academy was no longer the right place for me to see the full fruition of this gift.

When I shared these thoughts and feelings with my social circle, I was told to stop confusing myself. I was told I would be emotionally better off not switching paths. I was also told I would be financially much better off finishing the degree and working as a college professor. They also cited the prestige that comes with such a position and the respect I would receive from my friends, family and society. But that was their truth.

I decided to search for my truth…and I turned the matter over to my heart…

… I realized that my 6-year college teaching experience and the intricacies of advanced academic work in Philosophy was a stepping stone toward a larger purpose. I knew I could put this power in service of others: I wanted to work with anyone who’s ever dreamed of becoming something that they truly felt passionate about. I wanted to help them overcome setbacks and empower them to be the best actors, doctors, performers, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, writers they can possibly be and I wanted to share the joy of their success.

I began to experience this feeling with increasingly greater intensity each day… until one day… I woke up and the answer was there. I knew with absolute certainty what I wanted to do and what I needed to do.

So I quit.

I quit my PhD, and started the Believe and Empower blog.

Today I am helping people with my articles get in touch with their authentic selves and find their purpose. I am helping them set goals and achieve them. I am also helping people who are already practicing what they love. If you’re working on your target goals but you’re experiencing challenges, then I am here to introduce key techniques and ideas that will help you push through. I am here to empower you perform at your best. That’s what I truly love to do.

If my story resonates with you, please share my blog and articles with your friends. The majority of the resources on this website is free and I encourage you to use it, share it, and talk about it to you heart’s content.

What’s your Story?

Love and respect,

Elias Scully